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Rae Mathis is a writer and an advocate of those who write. She is the creator of the Washington Writers of Color, has been a contributor to several blogs including the very popular fashion blog, The Curvy Fashionista, and is a regular on the Dr. Vibe podcast. Her own blog, FromRaeWithLove.com reached the semi-finals in the Black Weblog Awards in 2012, and has a loyal, actively engaged readership.With equal doses of wit, love, truth and soul she writes about her life experiences in hopes to leave the world around her a better place. An imperfect but strong supporter of love and service, she encourages people to be nice, mind their manners and do right by other people. Rae believes everything can be fixed with prayer, hugs, good love, the right words, a fabulous home cooked meal, wine and a renewing piece of literature – all while looking fabulous at all stations, stages and sizes of life.

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  1. Choosing the Best Shampoo for Colored Hair is a Little Tricky

    Its cool to make your hair a unnatural color. Show off your prettiness to the other girls. Make the guys love you 2 times more. Finding the best shampoo for colored hair can achieve the look. Many options on the market are available today. Most options are not in your best interest though. They seem […]
  2. Face Wash is Needed If You Want Healthy Looking Skin

    My sister use to always use 20-minute skincare for her face and I thought she was overdoing it, but maybe I was the one that was misjudging. My sister currently looks amazing. Her face glows like the meadow river in the night. She looks very healthy and so clear in the face. Her routing was […]
  3. Thoughts on 37 …..

    Two weeks ago,  I turned 37.  For the first time in a while, I wasn’t alone or feeling lonely (on a birthday).   In fact, I now know I am in a good place. Despite some of the chaos that’s been happening through the year, I find I am more secure and stable in who I […]
  4. My Statute of Limitations

    Tonight I have so much I want to say, but I can’t.  It doesn’t mean I’m holding back.  I’m not. But when I began to write, when I began this blog, I imposed a rule that my good friend, my brother and I had.  There were some stories we wouldn’t share in real time.  They […]
  5. Why Being Vulnerable is Valuable

    God clearly loves fools and babies. I fall under both categories.  I am His baby and I surely act a fool. I have done outrageously foolish things and have made a whole set of specialized foolish decisions.  Repeatedly and without abandon.  Smiling and excited and acting like I was doing the right damn thing.  Really.  […]